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What are the delivery times?

You are delivered instantaneously, however, the installation time may vary depending on the offer (For the WEB offer, it is instantaneous for example). If the installation time exceeds 10 minutes, do not hesitate to contact our technical service which will be happy to answer you.

What is your uptime?

We cannot guarantee a 100% uptime, however, we do our utmost to avoid service interruptions.

Is it possible to customize my offer?

Indeed, it is indeed possible to personalize your offer on request. To do so, open a ticket to our sales department and tell them your needs.


Why choose us?

By Choosing SeaPerf, you choose quality at low prices. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose SeaPerf!


2.0 Support

You are much more than customers, our support is there for you!


Control Panel

Plesk and WISP panels are complete and very easy to use!


French Touch

Our servers are located in France to avoid all the latency with European people!