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  • By choosing SeaPerf, you choose quality at low prices..

Why choose us?

By Choosing SeaPerf, you choose quality at low prices. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose SeaPerf!


2.0 Support

You are much more than customers, our support is there for you!


Control Panel

Plesk and WISP panels are complete and very easy to use!


French Touch

Our servers are located in France to avoid all the latency with European people!


SeaPerf's actions for the ecology

SeaPerf is doing a lot for the environment and continues to reduce its carbon footprint for a Neutral accommodation!

  • Refurbished servers

    We use refurbished servers, which reduces our environmental footprint.

  • Carbon Neutral Datacenter

    The data centre where our servers are located takes daily actions to limit its carbon footprint.

  • Participation in actions

    At the end of each year, SeaPerf will donate a portion of its profits to environmental causes.

The guarantee of a fluid surf

Our services for you

The games are numerous, we offer a wide choice of game servers, VPS of quality.

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